ArcGIS Story Map - San Diegomore_vert SEE STORY MAP
San Diego Tourismclose
Date: Jun 2020
Software: ArcGIS Online - Story Map

Description: I used a cascade template to create this story map, This was a final project for my "Intro to GIS" class in Spring 2020 The subject of the story map was Tourist Attractions in the City of San Diego with sub-topics of gas stations, hotels, public transit, and even social distancing circles. The story map ultimately serves as a guide for tourists and visitors alike who want to plan a luxurious and safe trip to the Southwest Coast.
New Orleans - Sink or Swimmore_vert SEE STORY MAP
New Orleans - Sink or Swimclose
Date: Jul 2020
Software: ArcGIS Online - Story Map

Description: This was a final group project with 3 other people in my class about the land use, planning, & other focus topics on New Orleans centered around the 2005 disaster, Hurrican Katrina. The process involved doing research on the general history of the city, with each team member assigned a specific part of the history and a chosen focus topic, specifically, transportation, architecture, housing, and sustainability in the city of New Orleans. We concluded our individual research and came together to compile our findings in a cascade-style storymap in a span of four days. We also did a 10 minute presentation on it as well as a group evaluation afterwards to assess our performance. This project was a great example that tested both my individual ability and group's ability to complete a challenging project in a month's time.


Vacation Cabinmore_vert VIEW ALL
Vacation Cabinclose
Date: Jul - Aug 2015
Software: AutoDesk Revit

Description: Full floorplan, siteplan and 3-D rendering of the Cabin. Created in Architecture & CAD Class - High School
Revit Workshopmore_vert VIEW
Revit Workshopclose
Date: May 2020
Software: AutoDesk Revit

Description: Created powerpoint tutorial for 3-D one-story floor plan and taught introductory 3-D Revit skills to UCSD Architecture Club members
AutoCAD Workshopmore_vert VIEW
AutoCAD Workshopclose
Date: Nov 2019
Software: AutoCAD

Description: Created powerpoint tutorial for 2-D one-story floor plan and taught introductory AutoCAD drafting skills to UCSD Architecture Club members.


Venmo App Redesignmore_vert VIEW
Venmo App Redesignclose
Date: Dec 2019
Description: My group and I chose the Venmo App as our focus. We tested users specifically on iPhone platform and watched how they executed each task. Then we analyzed our results to discover where people made the most errors or slips and redesigned the app according to that. Although this was simply a class project and the people who managed Venmo never actually heard of the analysis that we did, I still felt that this experience was amazing and it really gave me a good view into the world of design and how to analyze designs.
Shoppy - (Figma Prototype)more_vert VIEW
Date: Jun 2020
Description: We used Figma as our main app platform to make a hi-fi prototype of a grocery shopping app that was directed towards in-person grocery shoppers. The app helps customers find the items they need and tell them whether it is in stock or not. If the item isn't in stock the app also suggests substitutes for the item requested. I worked on a 5-person team, and the prototyping process involved heavy brainstorming, user testing, and creating personas, moodboards, style guides and storyboard for the app. For our presentation, I highlighted all of our app's unique features and explained our prototyping process.
TritonLink - Website Redesignmore_vert VIEW
TritonLink - Website Redesignclose
Date: Nov 2020
In this project, we chose a webpage to analyze in a designer's perspective. We conducted interviews instructing our interviewees to navigate to a specific page and execute a specific task. From those interviews, we found out how the design of the webpage is unclear and often difficult to navigate to. Therefore, from the results and the analysis we did, we made a prototype of what a redesigned webpage would look like if it was improved.
Good vs. Bad Designsmore_vert VIEW
Good vs. Bad Designsclose
Date: Oct 2019
Description: In this project, we were told to focus on identifying a good design and a bad design. We used design terms to analyze why we felt each object was a good design or a bad design. There was no right answer when it came to design so as long as the explanation made sense, our logic made sense.
Pen Design Analysismore_vert VIEW
Pen Design Analysisclose
Date: Oct 2019
Description: In this project, we analyzed different types of pens in our lives. We started out with a mind map and conducted a few interviews. We focused on the trends and tradeoffs of each pen that we chose to focus on after we conducted our interviews. Then we drew a design space graph and identified what we felt was an ideal design for a pen.


Urban Renewal - Scholars Dr. Northmore_vert VIEW ALL
Urban Renewal - Scholars Drive Northclose
Date: Jan 2020
Description: The overarching topic was "tactical urbanism", which means that the school gave us a specific location on campus and asked us to come up with quick and feasible solutions or improvement to that problem area. Our problem area was the section between Overview Terrace and the new Living & Learning Community called Scholar's Drive South. It was bordered on one side by the UC extension buildings. The designathon lasted 2 days 9am to 7pm on both of those days, and we came up with a full-fledged, budget-backed plan to revamp our zone and make it more accessible to pedestrians.


City of San Diego - General Planclose
Date: Jul 2019
We presented an overview of the General Plan and what we observed when we analyzed it. We spent a one week figuring out which General Plan we wanted to focus on and the last four weeks looking through and analyzing what we see within the General Plan. Throughout this process, my group and I learned a lot about the recent and current conditions of the City of San Diego. First, we performed a preliminary analysis of the General Plan. Second we performed a SWOT analysis of the City of San Diego as a whole. Third, we learned the strengths and weaknesses that the City of San Diego have regarding housing in relations with the residents and the living situations of these residents. Fourth, we did an in-depth analysis on the Land Use Element of the City of San Diego General Plan identifying and displaying the existing and planned land uses. And finally, we noted what the land use element has planned to do for the existing and undeveloped spaces in the City of San Diego.


Domestic Crime Analysismore_vert VIEW
Domestic Crime Analysisclose
Date: Jun 2020
This is from my crime analysis class. I was told to choose a city to do crime analysis on and I chose the city of Chicago, Illinois. I obtained data from its open data site specifically detailing crime reports from 2001 to present. (most recent May 2020). I pulled resources from several sources in Google and used tables, charts, and ArcGIS 10.7.1 to analyze my data. My timeframe focus was Jan 2019 to May 2019 & Jan 2020 to May 2020 and my topic focus was "Domestic Violence Crimes Involving Children". Domestic Violence includes anyone who is a family member and is physically harmed by another family member (unlike California which only covers intimate partners).


Wedding Mansionmore_vert VIEW ALL
Wedding Mansionclose
Date: Mar 2018
Software: Minecraft Creative Mode

Description: Fusion between a mansion and a wedding chapel
Modern Hotelmore_vert VIEW ALL
Modern Hotelclose
Date: May 2018
Software: Minecraft Creative Mode

Description: Modern open tiered hotel concept
Future Homemore_vert VIEW ALL
Future Homeclose
Date: Sept 2018
Software: Minecraft Creative Mode

Description: Integration of nature and man-made structure, a home built into the mountains
Gilman Drive - UC San Diegomore_vert VIEW ALL
Gilman Dr. - UC San Diegoclose
Date: Sept 2018
Software: Minecraft Creative Mode

Description: Model of Gilman Dr. at University of California, San Diego campus


Simple Churchmore_vert VIEW ALL
Simple Churchclose
Date: Apr 2013

Description: Minimal Church concept
Modern Mansionmore_vert VIEW ALL
Modern Mansionclose
Date: Mar 2013

Description: Exploring furniture options in FloorPlanner website
Starter Homemore_vert VIEW ALL
Starter Homeclose
Date: Apr 2013

Description: 2-Room minimal home floorplan


Tiny Home 1more_vert VIEW ALL
Tiny Home 1close
Date: Aug 2018

Description: Challenged myself to a minimalist design, scaled down a regular home
Tiny Home 2more_vert VIEW ALL
Tiny Home 2close
Date: Nov 2017

Description: Classic Tiny Home Black & White